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City jails are not typically used as a long-term holding facility for criminals, and South Portland Jail is no exception. Once someone is arrested, they typically only stay at the facility until their court arraignment. South Portland Jail usually holds and houses non-violent offenders who are awaiting their arraignment. From there, they are typically either bailed out or transferred to the Cumberland county jail. Most arrestees only stay at South Portland Jail for a couple of days — some stays are as short as a few hours.

Often, this facility is used as a place to house arrestees who need to sober up. Perhaps someone has been arrested for a DUI or other offense. They will not be allowed to get a hearing in front of a judge or post bond until they are sober. Most city jail facilities have at least one holding cell dedicated to detainees who need to get sober.

South Portland Jail Inmate Search

Unfortunately, most city jails do not have the capability to handle online inmate searches. For that reason, locating an inmate at South Portland Jail is a little cumbersome. However, since there are a limited number of inmates there, the process is not extremely difficult. If you wish to locate an inmate, you will need to call the jail at 207-799-5511.

Be aware that you might spend some time on the phone attempting to locate the inmate in question. Remember that the jail staff is usually quite busy; therefore, they may not be able to assist with your request right away. You could spend a lot of time on hold, and you might even find that they request you call back at a later time. Be persistent and you should eventually get the information that you need.

South Portland Jail Visitation Information

There is little need for visitation at South Portland Jail since the inmates located here generally only stay for a couple of days. In some cases, an arrestee might only spend a few hours here. Here are the visitation basics that you need to know.

Attorneys are allowed to visit inmates face-to-face, seven days per week. Visitations by friends and family members are limited to two visits per week, and those must be scheduled in advance. Most visits are limited to no more than 30 minutes, and some are limited to weekends and holidays. Walk-in visitations are not allowed. It is also worth noting that visitation privileges can be revoked at any time for many reasons. Make sure you always call ahead at 207-799-5511 to ensure that visitation will be allowed.

Sending Money To An Inmate

Very few people need to send money to an inmate in a city jail because they are there for such a short period of time. Most city jails do not allow commissary accounts as the jail does not have anywhere for the inmate to purchase items. However, if you wish to send money to an inmate, it should be sent as follows:

Inmate Full Name
South Portland Jail
30 Anthoine St
South portland, Maine 04106

Never send cash to an inmate. The best option is a money order. However, instead of sending money to an inmate at South Portland Jail, it might be a better option to send the money to the Cumberland county jail. They will have more options for using the money at that facility. You could also use the money for a bail bond to help the inmate get released on bond.

Sending Packages/Mail To An Inmate

Similar to sending an inmate money, mail and packages are not usually sent to South Portland Jail because the arrestees spend very little time there in most cases. If you need to send a letter or item to a long-term inmate here, you should send it to the following address:

Inmate Full Name
South Portland Jail
30 Anthoine St
South portland, Maine 04106

Remember that all mail and packages coming into the facility will be examined and searched. You should never attempt to send any illegal items into the facility. You could face criminal charges for mailing any type of contraband to the facility. Mail should generally be limited to simple letters. Books, magazines, and educational materials are generally allowed, but they should be shipped directly from the supplier.

Phone Calls

Inmates are generally only allowed one free phone call, and this happens during the booking process. Once the arrestee has been processed and placed into a cell, no phone calls are allowed at that time. You should not call the facility and expect to be able to talk to an inmate. As additional processing occurs, the inmate might be allowed additional phone calls. These calls are typically used for speaking to an attorney or notifying a friend or family member of the situation. These phone calls are not for leisure or general chit chat.

Rehabilitation Programs Offered At South Portland Jail

There are no rehabilitation programs offered directly through South Portland Jail. This is not uncommon for city jail facilities. However, there may be programs available through the municipal court system or the Cumberland county jail facility. These programs can include substance abuse programs, mental health programs, and job assistance programs. The Municipal Court clerk can help you locate these programs when going through your court proceedings.

South Portland Jail Frequently Asked Questions

How do inmates get legal assistance while in South Portland Jail?

The right to legal assistance is afforded to every criminal in America, and city jails are no different. If you have the resources to hire your own attorney, you should contact him or her during your booking process. Your attorney will be allowed to visit you in South Portland Jail to prepare for your legal representation. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you as long as the charges against you could result in imprisonment. You can request an attorney during your initial court appearance, and the court will ensure that an attorney is assigned to assist you.

How long will it take to bond someone out?

The amount of time it will take to bond someone out depends on a few different factors. First, it depends on the day and time at which you are booked into South Portland Jail. You will be required to appear at your arraignment in front of a judge before you can bond out. If you are booked into the jail during the overnight hours, you might have to wait until morning for your initial appearance. The other thing that can have a big effect on the timeframe is how busy the facility is. If there are lots of other people being booked into the jail, it will take longer for the bond process. You can bond someone out in as short a time frame as a few hours, although in some cases it could take a day or two to complete the process.

How can I deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account?

You should mail a money order to South Portland Jail, 30 Anthoine St , South portland, Maine 04106. Make sure that you include the inmates full name and their inmate number if possible. You should never send cash as it is too easy for cash to disappear without ever making it into the account. Finally, know that a commissary account is not available at all city jails. If you have any questions about the process, you can call the jail at 207-799-5511.

How can I stop calls coming from South Portland Jail?

Generally, inmates have a limited number of phone calls they can make. However, if you have someone who continually calls you from South Portland Jail, there is a way that you can block those calls. You will need to work with your phone provider to block the calls. If you have a landline, you can usually dial *60 and walk through the instructions for blocking a specific number. On your cell phone, you can usually do the same thing. Scroll through your call log until you find the number that called from the facility. Select Block Call to keep that number from reaching you again.

How do I send books/magazines to an inmate?

If you wish to send books or magazines to an inmate, those should generally be sent directly from the supplier. You can send those items by using the following address:

Inmate Full Name
South Portland Jail
30 Anthoine St
South portland, Maine 04106

Remember that all mail and packages coming into South Portland Jail will be subject to searches. If any prohibited items are found, they will be confiscated. Also remember that you could face criminal charges for sending prohibited items into a jail facility. Some local jails also limit the number of books or magazines that can be held by an inmate at any given time, so you should check with your local facility if you have any questions.

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