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County jail facilities are typically utilized to hold low and medium-security adult inmates. Most inmates housed at a county detention center will be held there for two years or less. Inmates at the county facility may be awaiting trial, or they may have been convicted and sentenced to a short jail stay. If the inmate requires a higher level of security or has been sentenced to a long stay in jail, they will almost always be transferred to one of the state prisons.

In addition to county inmates who have been arrested by the Sheriff’s department, county jails also house inmates from other facilities who might not have their own long-term jail facility. Cities and municipalities frequently transfer inmates to a county facility, and these facilities can also be used as temporary holding locations for Federal inmates who have been picked up by the U.S. Marshals.

How To Locate An Inmate In Colby County KY Jail

Most county facilities have online inmate locators today, and Colby County KY Jail is no exception. You can locate an inmate at Colby County KY Jail by visiting their website at (no website is available at this time). For the best results, you will need an inmate ID. This number is assigned during the booking process, and it will be used for many services throughout the inmate’s stay in the facility.

Upon finding the inmate, you will have access to quite a bit of information about the inmate. You can generally find information regarding a bond amount (if applicable), mugshots, court dates, release dates, and other important information. You will also be able to determine when and if the inmate gets transferred to another facility.

If you do not have an inmate ID, you may attempt to search for the inmate online using a first and last name. As a last resort, you may call Colby County KY Jail at 606-599-3835. However, you should be patient and be prepared to wait if you go this route. County jail facilities handle thousands of inmates each year, and they frequently have inmates arriving and departing at all hours of the day and night. This means that the staff at the facility is extremely busy, so it could take some time before they can assist with your request.

Visitation Info

Visitors are typically allowed between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM on weekdays. Visitation may also be allowed on the weekend and on holidays. Visits from an attorney or clergy member are usually allowed at any time, although the process can take longer if these visits occur outside of normal visiting hours. There are extensive visitation rules that you should know before you head to Colby County KY Jail to visit an inmate. Here are some of the most important rules to know.

First, you should know that you will be required to sign in and present a photo ID upon your arrival for visitation. Visits will be supervised by a guard, and most visits are limited to one hour. Visits are typically considered non-contact, although a brief hug may be allowed to begin the visit. Minors are allowed during visitation, although they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Before heading into the facility, make sure that you do not bring any prohibited items. You should only bring your car keys and a photo ID into the facility. Cell phones, food, weapons of any kind, and other items are not allowed. Failure to follow these rules could result in a revocation of your visitor privileges or even criminal charges.

Finally, make sure you are aware of the visitation dress code. No revealing or see-through clothing of any kind is allowed. Shorts, skirts, or dresses must be of appropriate length. Suggestive or obscene clothing will not be allowed, and failure to follow these rules can result in your visiting privileges being revoked. If you have any specific questions about these rules, you should call Colby County KY Jail at 606-599-3835 before your arrival for visitation. For driving directions, you should use your GPS to navigate to 3500 Griffith Cir Scott creek, Kentucky 40983.

Sending Money To An Inmate In Colby County KY Jail

Money can be sent to inmates at Colby County KY Jail for deposit into their commissary accounts. These accounts allow them to purchase items from the commissary, like food, clothing, personal care items, and other things. There are some rules that must be followed when sending money to an inmate to ensure that it makes it to the correct account.

You should send a money order to the inmate and make sure that you include the inmate’s number on the money order. Avoid sending cash as there is generally too much risk associated with sending cash and making sure that it makes it to the right place. You can send money orders to the following address:

Inmate Name
Inmate Number
Colby County KY Jail
3500 Griffith Cir
Scott creek, Kentucky 40983

Another option for depositing money into an inmate’s account is to bring cash with you to visitation. When you come to the facility, you can deposit the cash directly into the inmate’s commissary account or phone account. This allows you to make sure that the cash is deposited into the correct account and the inmate is aware of the deposit.

Sending Mail/Care Packages To An Inmate

Sending mail to inmates at Colby County KY Jail is allowed, and it helps them maintain contact with friends, family, and the outside world. However, there are strict rules in place regarding the types of mail that will be allowed. Generally, only small postcards with writing in blue or black ink will be accepted. The mail must be metered with no stamps, stickers, or extra papers of any kind.

Typically, stamped envelopes containing letters are not allowed, and those items may be either returned to the sender or placed in an inmate’s locker until their release. Books and magazines are allowed, although those items must be sent to an inmate directly from the publisher. You may not send a package containing those items.

Finally, you should be aware of the contents of your postcards. Discussing any topics like weapons, threats, or violence is not allowed. Also, attempting to send any contraband into the facility is not allowed. Mail and packages arriving at Colby County KY Jail will be examined and searched, and you could face criminal charges for sending prohibited items into a correctional facility.

If you decide to write an inmate, your postcard should be addressed as follows:

Inmate Full Name
Inmate Number
Colby County KY Jail
3500 Griffith Cir
Scott creek, Kentucky 40983

How To Call An Inmate

Incoming calls to inmates at Colby County KY Jail are not allowed. However, phones are generally available during daytime hours for inmates to place outgoing calls. Be aware that these calls are expensive, and most calls are placed as collect calls. This means that the recipient of the call will pay for the charges. These charges typically start around $15 and increase substantially for every minute that the call lasts.

Another option is to deposit money into an inmate’s phone account. This allows the inmate to place outgoing calls and pay for those calls with money from his or her account. These calls are still quite expensive, so calls are usually limited to short time periods. Even though there are few restrictions on calls to an inmate’s attorney, the inmate typically must place a collect call to the attorney’s office. Most conversations with an attorney occur in person at the facility.

Rehabilitation Programs Offered At Colby County KY Jail

Since inmates usually spend more time at Colby County KY Jail than in city jails or short-term facilities, there are several types of rehabilitation programs available here. Inmates are offered educational programs, vocational programs, mental health programs, and work release programs.

The educational programs offered at Colby County KY Jail can help an inmate prepare to reenter society by allowing them to receive a GED or other educational certificate. Similarly, vocational programs allow inmates to learn a skill that is in demand in the workforce. By preparing them for the workforce, inmates have a much better chance of reacclimating into the routines of daily life.

Substance abuse programs and mental health programs are also extremely valuable for many of the inmates at Colby County KY Jail. These programs can help inmates kick addiction and learn various coping skills to deal with mental health issues. The inmates who go through these programs tend to have much higher success rates upon release than those who do not participate.

Frequently Asked Questions For County Jails In Kentucky

What is the food like?

The food at county jails in Kentucky is not great. Breakfast typically consists of cereal, a breakfast danish, and milk. Lunch might include a sandwich with some type of vegetable, and dinner sometimes includes a cheap cut of meat with vegetables and a roll. Water is usually available to drink at lunch and dinner. You might also find hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos, lasagna, fish patties, or other dishes on the menu.

Food is a large expense for jail operations, so money must be saved wherever possible. Do not expect any organic foods or premium cuts of meat. You can usually expect low-cost items that can be purchased and prepared in bulk by the jail staff.

What security level is Colby County KY Jail?

Colby County KY Jail is a low to medium-security facility. Most inmates here have been convicted of a misdemeanor or a non-violent felony. Inmates who require higher levels of security are typically transferred from a Colby County facility to a state prison facility in Kentucky. The state prisons are where the high-security inmates are housed, and inmates who are sentenced to a lengthy stay will sometimes get transferred to a state facility as well.

What do county jail inmates do all day?

Inmates have some discretion when it comes to their daily activities. They may choose to participate in educational or vocational programs during the day. Most of these programs are optional, and the inmate may choose to simply sit inside their cell instead. However, some activities are mandatory.

Typically, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are mandatory. Similarly, there is also time for physical activity. This time may be spent outside in the facility yard, inside the gym, or at another location at the facility. There are also quiet hours that must be observed during the nighttime hours. Failure to comply with the mandatory activities may result in additional penalties or removal from the general population within the jail.

Is there a dress code for Kentucky correctional facilities?

Yes, there is a dress code for both inmates and visitors at Kentucky correctional facilities. Inmates typically wear white or orange jumpsuits with slip-on shoes. When participating in work release programs or other activities, inmates may be allowed to purchase clothes from the commissary to wear.

When it comes to visitors, clothing must be appropriate. No revealing or see-through clothing is allowed. No obscene or explicit shirts, hats, or other clothing will be allowed into the facility. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be an appropriate length, and failure to follow these rules will result in a loss of visitation privileges.

How do I stop incoming calls from Colby County KY Jail?

You will generally need to speak with your telephone provider to stop incoming calls from a specific phone number. If you have a smartphone, you can easily block calls that are coming from 606-599-3835 at the Colby County KY Jail. Be aware that the facility likely has several outgoing lines, so you might need to block multiple numbers to completely block calls from the facility.

To block calls on your landline, you can dial *60 and walk through the process to block a specific number. If you have specific questions about blocking calls, you should contact your phone provider. If there is a specific inmate who continues to call without your permission, you can also contact Colby County KY Jail and ask that their phone privileges be revoked.

Can I send books/magazines to an inmate?

Yes, you can send books or magazines to an inmate. However, books and magazines must be shipped directly from the publisher to the facility. You cannot send books or magazines in a package to an inmate originating from a private party. All books and magazines must come directly from the publisher to reduce the risk of contraband being included in the package. It is difficult and time-consuming to examine and search incoming books, so this rule helps reduce the risk that prohibited items will make their way into the jail.

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